On A Train In The Outskirts

if i was mad, she wanted to know.
but no, though i'm jealous,
i was not assaulted by this dreadful sentiment.
i just laughed, asked her for a full report
and was relieved.
at least i wasn't corrupting the innocent.
she was not better than me,
so often such a liberating thought;

it was almost valentine,
a celebration i used to skip.
she asked me why and
i was puzzled by her question.
i thought it's words, she wants,
by the words she lives, so write
some and let her know
how she set me free.

i kiss your lips, i said,
she asked me which ones?
the razor blade, she said,
between the future and the past,
i like that

moreandless moreandless
56-60, M
Feb 10, 2010