Shattered dreams and hope beyond

What we call a fairy tale may just be real

And picture perfect may just be a sketch

In the life we live so young

Past the trees of forest green

Edging our way to the shore

Swaying water under wind

Mystic waves of lonely love

Sing a song of mighty truth

Past the amber eyes of grace

And into the green eyes of peace

Angels from the blue warn us of what we might become



ummm another poem....


Precious as ever

Shinning like gold amongst the quarry of endless coal

Battered and bruised you know the truth

Never again will it be the same

Love like this will never last

Like the leaves hanging from the fallen tree

Lifeless as your heart

It bares no sympathy

And for thee I do not cry

For love will has has tested me

And now watch me shine

As you dim into the darkness




that one was a random poem...I don't know where to end...and it's not really good...hahaha!!! ;)





alyakme alyakme
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

The first one is about my mother....The second one is about who knows what...hahaha.....yeah well I love poetry...(Obviously) just putting this out there... :)