Wishing Up Our Dream

             I want to know your movements
and feel your hick ups -
I want to know which side you'll sleep on
and when you're so hungry, your little feet kick me -
I want to hear the gurgles  from the inside
and the swish-swish of you rolling over -
I don't want "just dreams" about a swollen belly
or "just dreams" about what we'll call you...
I want the heavy - true feeling of the joy that you'll bring to our hearts -
I want daddy to come home and hug my tummy,
as we both grin from ear to ear when you rush to get closer to his arms -
I'm not looking forward to the aches and pains,
but baby, at least I'll know you're still in there,
judging every sip and bite I take -
I wonder if you'll get the hick ups when I drink ginger-ail -
I wonder if you'll love strawberries as much as mommy and daddy do -
You just wait and see - the day that you are born I'll bet you smell so sweet -
(of course we both know better; don't we, daddy?)
I want to know if you're a boy or a girl as early as possible
and buy all the little outfits you'll puke all over in the first few days that we bring you home.
I can't wait to call you "ours" -
I can't wait to feel your heartbeat in my arms,
or your little eyes follow daddy and mommy wherever we go -
I can't wait to hold our little miracle, bathe you and feed you,
hold you and rock you to sleep -
I wonder if you'll have brown eyes, or blue?
Who's name will you cry out first?
It's okay with me, but I want to hear both in the same day, so get to work kid!
Mommy loves you with all of her heart,
and daddy is itching to tickle your little toes!
We'll be here when you get here...
I hope it's soon, we can't wait to meet you  -

Annebelle Annebelle
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010