I Am

I am  blue rose,

Rare and blossoming in only moonlit hours.

I am the Moon,

Shining brightly while covering my craters with darkness.

I am a corpse,

Do not wake me from my eternal slumber.

I am a lone wolf,

Independent but howling sadly every night to try and find my pack.

I am eternity,

Wanted by everyone but obtained by no one.

 I am  fox,

Very clever but at times, very mischievous.

I am the night sky,

So close yet so far away.

I am water,

Always rushing rapidly into everything.

 I am just a girl,

Terribly in love with a boy.

xxUnbeautifulxImperfectionxx xxUnbeautifulxImperfectionxx
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010