Dear Fireworks

Dear Fireworks,

I am sitting at the window of my water front house, comfortably watching you shine near me and appreciating the majestic of your beauty. O, fireworks, how beautiful you are and how lovely! How I wish that you will last and not end. The thought of the nearing to the end threatens me. I wish you would never come. I hate to see you end. You remind me of nothing last forever and how I should appreciate the presence. You have used your lifetime to remind me this prevailing truth.

Thank you,

Philazcom Philazcom
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

that was good to read..thanks for sharing..<br />

This makes me both happy and sad....sad 'cause sometimes we don't appreciate the simple beauty of something 'til it's gone...'til it can never be recalled again. Happy 'cause once you learn to appreciate something, it'll always come back....