Heart Shaped Locket

Speak out if you must

Let the rain fall down

And I believe it's just lust

As precious as ever

Shinning like gold amongst the quary of endless coal

Gathered widows at my door

Knocking for the peace of past

Raining black embers of ash

Lines and lines of endless thought

What we do or what we say

Blows away into the winter rush

As trees and flowers rest in endless slumber

Until the sun kisses thy buds

Lifting the spirits to Heaven and Beyond

Leaving whispers of shadows behind

And dear do we hear

The crys of a motherless child

Thus lust is lost

To never be found again

And I find the pieces to love

Crafting my way through games and hate

I find love wrapped up in the Heart shaped locket

Safe and sound hung around your little dreams

alyakme alyakme
13-15, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Thanks I really appriciate the comment... :) hahaha yeah I like those lines too haha :)

thank you for sharing! I like it a lot! I especially like these phrases: <br />
<br />
"Lifting the spirits to Heaven and Beyond<br />
Leaving whispers of shadows behind"