Rape Of The Mind

I wrote this about 10 yrs ago thought it was an interesting find and a clue to my dark side... enjoy :)


We went to your residence

where you promised everything

with hidden crude thoughts

and plans of ruthless rape


We swallowed wine with music

danced like bees on flowers

started to feel dizzy

falling to unconsciousness


When I woke I tasted blood

smelled burnt skin

finding myself tied limb by limb

recognizing pain all over again


My body was tortured and raw

with deep crimson cigarette burns

sliced and seared flesh wounds

from a jagged dull knife


I tried to scream for my existence

only to find my tongue cut out

tears stung my dirty face

flowing like a crystal river


I looked around the musty room

seeing his face staring from afar

with moving arms and sweat

an occasional moan escaped him


After he expelled his seed onto himself

He quickly came to me

roll of translucent fishing line

wrapped it over my neck tightly


Kissed me with his filthy orifice

Touching me in forbidden places

tightening his grip on the line

he smiled unhealthy gestures


He lunged forward sharply

the line slicing through my skin

as blood washed everything near

the plug was pulled on my soul


Round and round it went

as I suffocated from blood loss

terrorized with insufficient fear

I actuated myself to waken


It was nothing but a mere dream

With a mind eating virus

bathing me in pure evil

Leaving me consciously raped

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Feb 13, 2010