In Your Heart

I can't hold on

My fingers are slipping

and I'm falling through the clouds

Birds pictures and smileing faces

Rush by as I fall down and down

Captured perfectly hung with care

I find myself with a smile on my face

As the blue sky never ends

And the white cussions catch me with open hearts

The world is blue

The Heaven is blue

I dream in blue

And white too

I can't believe I can't believe

I'm here

And the angels from above smile down

As I lay awake in my dream

on an empty cloud I find my soul

Flying free like a bird

That's got no home

But a heart to go to

And dreams to dream

This is where I belong

Nowhere but everywhere

In your heart of blue

alyakme alyakme
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Thanks! I appriciate the comment!!!! :)