Saving Myself.

So manic these days

Stuck in the manic haze

I daze. Try to explain myself

This frase is so lost, Like a maze

I gaze at the sky, so lost and betrayed

Watch the clouds fight the moonlight

The light that these stars keep trying to beat

but nothing like it.. Never too bright to stare at

Im lost again mother.. I cant seem to explain it..

Nobody understands my mind like me..

They dont see me.. for me.. they see me.

They see me like a monster.. Because the moon isnt bright enough to show..

Im just a man.. They dont see that..

The moon is even leaving me.. Just for everyone to hear my voice in the dark..

Now its black.. They attack..

I lack what I need to get my friends back..

Im lost without all of you..

What is a life of success without anyone to share it with..

Money means nothing to me.. they cant see.

I dont know why you see what you see.. but its a myth my friends..

It all begins with a voice.. a Dismissal,

A proposal that things will be better when im forgotten.

But then, Im lost again, The way it began.

Lost the hand.. The hands that saved me.

That smile I share with all of you.. Its so fake to me.. Why not you?

Ill be okay.. Though it seems like it.. Im not.. Havent been okay since I was born..

The bright sun from the window. Hides the rain that is really there my friends..

So many years of Love Ive given to all of you.. Even before we met.. I loved all of you..

Im still a man.. Though ive been put down.. given a sarcastic crown.

Im stupid.. everyone thinks. I have no brain.. sure.. thats what you think..

I have no heart too.. thats what you think.. Thats why I sink..

You cast me.. eyes wide open.. Didnt miss me with a blink.. Im at the brink..

You never see it.. Then you read this.. This abyss I dwell in.. You think I choose too..

Where else is there to dwell? Where is that swell place you dwell all well and happy? Im different.. I fell.. You say its a phase that will be over with.. Its been a phase for years and years...  So long.. What else to fear?  How many times can I save myself from myself?

ShallowDreamers ShallowDreamers
26-30, M
Feb 14, 2010