New Tomorrow

My melancholy moods

Have all turned to grey

I see blue skies peeking through

Birds flying in the air

Singing out the Blue

White clouds drifting around

With grey shadows still lingering

It slowly begins to rain

The birds are perched upon the trees

Sitting in their nests

Waiting for the rain to slow

Waiting for the Blue to glow

Singing in the trees they sit

Still waiting for the skies to lift

Grey is moving slightly astray

As more of the Blue filters in

And sunshine cuts like a knife

To kill the lingering grey

To do away with doubts of life

And bring about a brand new day

Sunlight beams like a grave

Making room for another day

Making gloom leave the way

And find the grounds in disarray

And leave a cluttered path to follow

Lifting  blue skies from my eyes

And do away with the grey

Let the birds fly their way

Into the new tomorrow.

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
Feb 14, 2010