Can you not see that I pine, I perish, I bleed?!

All but for you my heart laboring to plead

I turned the corner and you were there

And somehow our eyes met and I lost all air

For there you were, taking me by surprise

I stood in awe as you came over by my side

And your words… Oh but you captured my heart with one!

And your essence, it surrounds me… without it I’m undone!

I know not how nor when you came and stole this heart of mine

But I can see it beating in your palm and feel the rush inside

Your lips are full, succulent and sweet

I can feel myself longing to taste them, to devour such a treat

You take my hand to walk and I float along

For with you I feel weightless and my heart just keeps singing this song!

All for you, my love, all for you

I’m yours, Devine, to do with what you’ll do

Jubilancy Jubilancy
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

good rhythm in this