One Day

Sitting in a classroom,

Scribbling hearts on my pencil case.

I've got your name in my head,

And a smile on my face.


You sit across the way,

I catch your eye.

I smile and mouth 'hello',

You do the same, but it feels like 'goodbye'.


One day I'll make you smile,

I'll know you like I want to.

One day you'll be with me,

I'd do anything for you.


It's true that I don't really know,

You favourite colour or your favourite song.

I often wonder what it would be like,

If i were you're only one, is that so wrong?


I've seen the way you look at her,

wishing I make you look that way.

I've seen the way she makes you smile,

Will you smile like that for me one day?

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18-21, F
11 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I've seen the way she makes you smile,
Will you smile like that for me one day?

I wonder if someone ever felt the same way for me....... But i guess i'd never know. Really liked it. and i loved the way it started.

Sometimes when i read poems by girls i wonder if being a man comes with numb emotions and shallow expressions. they seem to feel so much that I feel like a corpse in comparision.

It was really sweet to read this story, I am sure things like this go on in young ladies minds once in a while and they tend to be very creative in writing there thoughts down and there dreams

Thank you :) I'm glad you liked it :D

reading that reminded me of my day sitting in the class room in 2nd grade and this cute little brown haired girl caught my eye, for a little boy I saw the most beautiful girl in the world and I remember trying to get her attention and so on, so this lovely poem brought me back to that day, nice work

Thank you :) That really means a lot.

So great to feel such strength in love. Yet, I imagine so very painful in some ways if this poem is from your heart or even a representation. I hope you find your great love and make it your own.

That's a very sweet poem. :) I love it.

thank you :)

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Thank youuu :D

I really like this poem :]♥