Dedicated To My Usmc Boyfriend

I've fallen in love with you;

With all the simple things that you do;

And all the lovely things that you say;

In my heart you will forever stay.

A first kiss to bind me to you forever;

A kiss sealed between our lips together;

It was the moment my heart connected to yours;

And all of my feelings to you i poured.

From that moment, I've discovered emotions to which I've never felt;

I've discovered closeness to which I've never dealt;

I've founded lust in every point of my body with no return;

You in my heart, my soul, my body, and my mind is what i yearn.

I say "I Love You" because I'm positive i do;

I've been broken before, but i know you love me too;

Your sweet words touch me more than anyone's ever will;

When your with me time stands completely still.

When you go away, i miss you so very much;

I memorize everything, your caress, your kisses, your touch;

And when i cry and hurt of being left alone;

I always remember one day you will be home.

I will always be here no matter how far you go;

My heart will wait for you, and that i hope you know;

I will never forget, never stray away;

I have given you my whole heart, and i plan to stay.

Emmakaye Emmakaye
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I'd love to hears someone ones thoughts about my writing to know if im ok at it?