Love's Presence

Here I am just dreaming of your kiss

I want you to know it is your face that I miss

I see your heart

And imagine you beside me

Reaching out into the air

I feel your heart beating next to mine

Grasping at you in the breeze

Who could let go of precious dreams such as these?

Distance holds no meaning

I feel you always and wonder if that is you grasping out at me

So here are these lips, carried in the wind

My eyes present in the stars

My presence in the moonbeams

Look up, I am with you

Feel my embrace, for it is there,

My hand there, resting on you in the dark

Hear my whisper- Oh my Love, how I do love you

Jubilancy Jubilancy
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Very good...I am a fan of yours!

Ah, lovely. Sentimentality at it's best:)