If I had one more night in your arms

You would never again let me go

I would entangle you in the deepest seduction

Every moment would be enticing

Every soft caress addicting

Every kiss would tempt you for more

Each whisper would be an incantation to put you under my spell

As you gaze into my eyes with that look you always give,

I would bore my way into your mind

as a worm makes its way through the earth

Permanently engraving my image into each canal I intrude

As our bodies interlock in the most intimate way imaginable,

I would squeeze your heart into mine and hold it there

Never again to be released

Little do you know it will be mine to do with as I please

I could hold it gently - or carelessly squeeze the life out of it

As you did to me all those years ago

You would be at my mercy

Eventually, I will bite out a large chunk with bloodthirsty fangs

Enough to appease my appetite of the course you denied me long ago

But, you will never notice

Your entanglement in my mystical gossamer web will be too deep

When I am done draining my revenge from your carcass

I will spit you out

If there is anything left

I would encourage you to move on with your life

Oh, I implore you to just let me back into your arms

Just one more time

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Unusual style of writing full of thought,thank you.