Wilted Dandelion Rainbows

In the dark of the night I lie in your arms

Wondering if you will ever do me harm

Secret thoughts float all around

Like silk sheets in the wind above the ground

Twisting and turning in warm invisible fingers

So much like we were only moments ago

Frenzied nerves reduced to exhaustion

A soft tender caress

A deliciously lingering kiss

A contented whisper falls through your lips

Stolen from your heart in the comfort of your dreams

Dancing fairies laugh with delight

Though I am sure I look affright

Blotchy skin stained red from desire

Long tangled tendrils fan the expanse of my pillow

And the sheets which I am upon

Resembling golden flames surrounding an angelic demon

The moon is but a silver globe suspended in the midnight sky

As it sinks behind the black skeleton trees motionless on the horizon

The salty sweat on our bodies begins to dry

Soon we are lost in dreams of chaotic rainbows

Foretelling false futures

But here we escape the reality of misspent youth

Crushed hopes float precariously over our destiny

Like random white puffy seeds

Franticly escaping from wilted dandelion rainbows -

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
Feb 15, 2010