Sweet Seduction

For you I will dance

Emulating the hot liquid flame of a burning candle

Your whispers are my music

Instructing every sensuous motion

Curious bright green eyes

Shyly peek out beneath long dark lashes

Full pink lips express a knowing smile

Burning flesh alive with excitement

Electricity flows through the air as our eyes interlock

Anticipating the first mystical touch

Slowly bringing you to the peak of desire

Every soft, undulating movement

Silently beckoning you to help cease this forbidden desire

At least for awhile

Soft sounds of exquisite anticipation escapes my lips

Waves of passion surround us

It seems as only we exist

Only you can calm the raging sea engulfing us

By leading me through it with your calmness

Or you could let it crush us both

I am too caught up into the intensity to care

This mystery seems so simple to solve

Will you guide me through it with your skillful hands?

Shall I suffer alone?

Likely burning with the fire I started

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
Feb 15, 2010