Passion Of The Fittest Kind

Passion of the fittest kind

Pay no heed, no mind.

Love will dominate

Hate will dissipate

And liars will go to hell.


Fell-minded people will run,

Vain-minded people will shun.

Those who are young

Will spur on your tongue

As they go about their way.


Those who find grace,

A smile on their face,

Surely must entice,

No matter the price,

And find no argument or qualm.


Though if you are ill-willed and short,

Prepare yourself for a special retort.

No throng,

No song,

No, nothing but creases and furrows.


Your brow be mangled,

No matter how angled,

And how you have been,

Will reflect the sin,

So do not expect a fanfare upon arrival.


You are known

To have blown

The cover

Of your lover

And that, my friend, is a shame.


For your lover

Is your other.

How can you betray?

Is your life in disarray?

Nay, your life is complete because of them.


Some say,

At this time of day,

“Most often not,

Are these people distraught,

For they have one another to blame”.


Getting back to it

Their life breaks, they glue it.

With petty mind games

And words that fan flames

They want to get their way.


If you have what they want,

Be prepared and do not flaunt.

In fact, show them what real love is.

Real love will sizzle and fizz.

And it’s because of the purity of your intentions.


You, oh soft hearted one,

Are known to have all the fun.

It’s not because of you,

Not saying you’re not true,

But it’s the God that leads you on.


You are respected.

Your passions reflected.

God is caught in your smile,

And it’s not for a while,

But He will be there forever and ever.

ruggerbish ruggerbish
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2010