The Betrayed

She yearns

She learns

He says no. She weeps.


He’s taken

She’s shaken

Her heart he keeps.


She would’ve

She should’ve

But she was too much for him.


Light is dark

Life is stark

The possibility is on limb.


She sinks

Time blinks

Nothing is fair in love.


She chokes

He stokes

Fire flames from above.




No answer is found.


He’s gone

She’s wan

He knows, but no sound.


She confessed

THEY’RE undressed

She longs for her turn.


Kill her


Her soul begins to burn.




He knows not what he does.



Noose’s tightened

She’s not the girl she once was.


Stay friends?

No ends?

The circle goes on forever.


His gluttony

HER monotony

What does he see in HER?


He’s lesser

His confessor

His life will become a blur.


Without her

Good day, Sir

Prepare for your lonely life.


She’s done

You’ve won

SHE will be your wife.


The wedding

The bedding

The vision will always be with her.


The ****

The mutt

And the unwanted cur.


SHE’S bad

He’s had

So he loves the liar.


She claims

He blames

Then she fans the fire.


He blows

She slows

Now there’s nothing there.




She passes on the flare.



Fake smile

She drags her feet and leaves.


No help here

Hope is so sheer

Love is such a tease.


THEY’RE happy

So sappy

She wishes all ill on THEM.


She’s blind

Pay no mind

She’d rather just focus on HIM.


HE loves her

Steadfast and sure

God will love her no matter.


She loves him

She realized on a whim

HE will quiet the clatter.


HE forgives

She lives

They journey each day together.


HE heals

HE feels

She floats down as a feather.


HE’S done

She’s won

And life continues on.

ruggerbish ruggerbish
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2010