This Is The Only..

...poem I have written. I wrote it a couple years ago. I got inspired by a boy I liked at the time. I dont have a title for it. I guess y'all can tell me if it is good.

Here I am standing on the sidewalk
Drenched in the rain
Shivering from the harsh, cold breeze
Lightning crashes
Warm tears flow down my cheek

I am waiting
Waiting for it to be over
Then here he comes
Dressed in a gray polo shirt and jeans
Timberlands squeaking down the sidewalk

Gazing lovingly at each other
Not saying a word
Engaging in a quick embrace
I hold tight not wanting to let go
Resting my head on his shoulder
The sweet smell of his cologne wafts in the air
A smell and embrace that makes me feel safe

We look back at each other
His beautiful, sparkling turquoise eyes
Once provided me with comfort
Now they were wet
Wet with tears
Warm tears flowing down his cheek
His sniffles resound in my ear
We press our lips against each others

A kiss that says hello
A kiss that says good bye

A kiss that gives pleasure
A kiss that gives pain

A kiss that says I love you
A kiss that says I forgive you

We pull our lips away from one another's
Gazing one last time
Sighing simultaneously we relinquish our embrace

He's gone
Now I am back where I began
Standing on the sidewalk
Drenched in the rain
Shivering from the harsh, cold breeze
Lightning crashes
Warm tears flowing down my cheek
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

This is now "pretty good" at least to me... The sensitivity and universality, the picture of the scene, expessed by someone so young and so well. I loved it, it brought to mind lost loves, very peaceful contemplative lost love as I was growing into someone. (I'm 59, chronolgically, though I have no idea what 59 means...) I saved it on my computer, if you ob<x>ject, let me know, I will erase it, but I really would like to add it to my collection of "stuff" which inspires me. My stuff is made up of all kinds of ob<x>jects, forms of media, you know, we all have our collections of "stuff." Let me know if it's okay with you if I keep it for me.<br />
Thank you for sharing, I am going to go scribble something on your whiteboard, which led me hear today. Many blessings my young friendly seeming person.

This is pretty good..

wow i love it, its very goodxx