From Above

       you know who you are a onced love

       if i only i could say you came from above

       you were once all i could of asked for

       now i can see that your no sand on my shore

       dimonds we have two together

       i guess that bonds us forever

       but your simply the wind beneath my feet

       you can try as hard as you like our souls don't meet

       i once had a dream together was you and me

       i woke up in cold sweats a nightmare it would seem

       we move on our lives now have new paths

       but shedding you off my skin is yet another task

       you have him i have her,but do i

       am i the only one that see's light through my eyes

       we do have this you were my first true love

       we have two dimonds,they came from above

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
Feb 16, 2010