My Lost Dog

Most towns have leash laws.

One day my dog was off her leash.

The police were called and the dog was gone

I inquired about the dog and she was in their care.

Here is my response:


The city had my Spaniel

And, so I had to spring her

From the dismal, doggy dungeon

Where they had deigned to sling 'er

She' been a dog at large

Which the law abhors, crying,

"She should have been a-tethered!"

"She should have been in doors!"

While she was in her confinement

Her spirit started flagging

But, when she heard

Her Master's voice

That tail started wagging!

The city fathers have a law

And that law, I shall not mock

Now, when my doggie is abroad

She'll be with me, out for a walk!

TookyTown TookyTown
56-60, M
Feb 16, 2010