A Change Is Brewing


Here it is again. Another change, another battle.

Hatred is coming and a war is brewing.

It feels like sandpaper against my skin, dry and hard

giving no mercy. Once again my kindness is mistaken for weakness.

A yard was given but a mile was taken. I pray and pray for the

feelings that I feel. I pray relief will find me somehow.

Something beneath the surface begins to unravel. As I fight each

day to hold back the tears, my demons await silently.

Waiting for the right moment, the moment when I can no longer

weep or sleep. The moment when my soul is cold and like a candle melts

soon darkness will surround me. I will continue to fight the

good fight. I must stay on my chosen path. Eventually though

the change will come.

SooOverIt SooOverIt
31-35, F
Feb 16, 2010