Ep Poem

A cold hand is what was delt

Noone understood how I felt

Cold, alone, shivering and scared

It felt as if noone cared

I came here for support

but sadly, it came up short

Drastic measures were soon taken

Maybe, perhaps, I was mistaken

I stay in the shadow so you don't see

the little that is left of me

I watch the boards and now I know

leaving may be the way to go

Hate is spewd at every turn

where's the love to which people yearn?

I find this all very sad

that Ep is ruined by a few who are mad

Trolls get the attention they're seeking

while the lost and lonely are fogotten, tears leaking

Maybe I'll return, maybe I won't

 Do you think it matters? No, I don't.

ChristineJones ChristineJones
31-35, F
7 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Thank honey! *hugs*

Nice CJ.. I didn't know you write.. I must pay more attention.... Poetry and writing helps to ease our tensions and fears.... keep it up.

Thanks T, and everyone else. And...no...I"m not. But I appreciate it.

*hugs sister tightly*

you goob CJ. *whew*

I wrote this one a few days ago. LOL...I'm not leaving.

I do. Many would miss you.