Seek me, find horror

look for me, witness epiphany

find me, accept reality

flaws are my imperfections

character is my blaze

look for me, seek what you find

accept me, for me, because I am me

I can not, nor will not change

so take me, for me, because I am me

MiaMyopic MiaMyopic
22-25, F
10 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Metaphorically speaking smooth, not in the literal sense.

YOu have a Vault?

Thanks smooth, Butterfly, there's more to come, I just haven't had time.

Tarq! Haha, this is an old school piece that I took from my vault.

Yay, you write lovely!!!!!!thanks for sharing that!

Thank you butterfly :)

Thatta girl, me too :)

I choose to!

Thanks C. Everyday, in general, we deal with others criticims, many not even constructive, just blatant in terms of trying to be hurtful. But like I said, we eveyday that passes, one can only grow if they choose to do so.

I accept you, your flaws help to make you unique. It is silly to point out anothers flaws when we all have them. I really like this, it has a deep message that I think a lot of people could really try to put into our everyday lives. :)