It Never Stood A Chance

My poem about a Vampire.

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Barely containing my excitement

My mouth begins to water in longing to feel its flesh

To have the blood gush into my open mouth

Hearing it take slow deep breaths

Filled with ecstasy and delight

Revelling in its fear

I can taste it in the clear night’s air

Bitter sweet,

The heart beating an unnatural beat

Savouring each and every moment in glorified detail

The way its hair moves across its back

Its breath condensing with the cold air

Taking, although it didn’t know, its last breath

I’ve already moved in for the strike before it had time to scream

Slowly spreading across the pale neck

The contrast between the pale skin and the blood that runs under the surface  

Make it seem irresistible, more desirable

Mind gone into frenzy, no longer thinking but acting on instinct

The beat of its heart is no longer heard

It never stood a chance

JellytotBandit JellytotBandit
13-15, F
Feb 17, 2010