I Used To......

I used to be the one

Who smoothed the rough edges

I used to be the one

To ease the tensions

I used to be the one

Who laid the burdens to rest

Now that time is done.


Now I am the one

Who is cut by the rough edges

Now I am the one

Who's shoulders are weary and tense

Now I am the one who sleeps an unsleep

Now that the time before is done.


But I have no one

To smooth the rough edges down for me

But I have no one

To rub away the tension and pain

But I have no one

 Who brushes away all my nightly, haunting fears

Now that the time before is done.

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
14 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Perhaps... It is a side of me I never let speak before I came to EP, but the reasons for that is something that I don't want to talk about much. It's petty compared to many things and something I should have overcome long ago.

*Smiling*<br />
It is the power of YOU Theredlady. <br />
Mayhap there is more to you than you know...

Thank you for your kind words Dragoncat. I am still getting used to people telling me that. I never realized ......I'm somewhat speechless...

To be able to take an emotion that you are feeling but don't particularly care for, reach deeply down into it, and release it --- allowing others to release it too as they read your words and emotions. Is a very special gift.Well done...

I am nearly there again. Thank you.

thanks Em... *hugs*

*hugs kitti* I think I'm finding my way ....I hope.

Beautiful and sad ... I am sorry darling .. May you find peace my Red ..*hugs red tightly*

Thank you. I try to convey, always, all of my feeling into my writing.

I like the continuity and connection of thought through contrasting phases of your experience. It is sad in tone-- but well expressed.

Thanks Em!

Thank you Muse.... It's been awhile since I've written......I guess things build up....

Not something that is a pleasant thing to experience. I'm sorry that you have to as well.

I can feel it. You write well. *hugs* I understand this, more than you know. =(