Who Is The Animal?

Alone in this elaborately ornate treasure of a cage

Just one of many exotic pets who you claim your own

At the moment forgotten

for now you are currently amusing yourself with another

My beauty, kindness and love is drastically wasted

here among this curious expanse of collections

Forcing your meager attentions to be the only care we experience in this lifetime

Why must you be satisfied with owning so many when we are all so unhappy?

Your power over us - so senseless

At a mere whim you command us to dance

With a meager treat you expect us to sing with delight

With a crook of a finger you demand us to come to your call

Instead we should be loved - and loved alone


When at first this beast obtained me, he was delighted by his new found jewel

Brightly colored plumage - delicate voice

An exquisite pet intoxicating to anyone near

In the beginning I was your favorite

For a time I truly thought you cared

I thought you loved me and in turn I thought I loved you

You paid so much attention to me -

while the other beautiful creatures surrounding you went unnoticed

Every so often one would catch your eye -

but you would always come back

Little time passed - then you brought home another interesting pet

Another incredible beauty to add to the scores

You instantly forgot about me

I became one among many of the living colorful ornaments around you

Hurt and confused by your sudden coldness - I cried out - begged

But you only turned away - secretly knowing your rueful sin

You should set me free - let me go

Instead of holding me captive with so many in competition for your love

With which you dispense so sparingly

But to set me free would mean to experience love and to be loved by others

When you want me to only know your love - brief that it was

You expect me to be devoted for the rest of my days

You force yourself to be the center of my universe

I regret I will know no other life

Because of you I will have lived my life in this cage

- and will die in this lush but lonely prison

Who is the animal?

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Don't worry this relationship ended almost ten years ago! Sometimes I still like to feel the anguish that strong emotions can cause. I definitely caused more havoc as a free exotic creature =)