The Illusion Of Power

A sheer delicate curtain of passion surrounds only them

The charmer and his pet

Frequently the presumed ‘master’ plays a wistful melody on a small intricate instrument

Assuming it will keep this dangerous creature under his control

This mystical beast temps the unconscious with each exotic dance

Drowning each victim in her large hypnotic eyes

Eyes that are overflowing with unleashed desires

The overconfidence of the charmer will cause his downfall

This silent knowledge causes the creatures curvaceous mouth to curl into a knowing grin

Wickedly sharp fangs of devotion are ready to strike

Her warm pink tongue is filled with poisonous, potent love and adoration

Silently and patiently she awaits the precise moment to devour her keeper

To entangle him in her lengthy body for all time

What is her Heaven is his Hell

Just who is the master?

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
Feb 17, 2010