Her warm welcoming arms engulf me

I surrender, gladly seduced

She knows my need for her is great

She is the greatest sanctuary I own

I long for her to hold me

Her fingers massage my drained numb nerves

My flesh absorbs her raw energy

I am forever anxious to be embraced

Anything I fantasize or desire - she makes a reality

Even when I neglect her care for a long period, she always understands

Knowing my exhausted body needs her tender magic

She allows me to face the next long day alive and fulfilled

I call for her when my eyelids start to close

Weighed down by the burden of exhaustion

She readily accepts my need to escape within her

When the worlds harsh realities begin to take their toll on me

She makes me beautiful again

She forces me to overcome with her exquisite therapy

She cares for me with invisible eyes

Improves my health and state of mind

She cares only about me

She is a basic necessity

I would wither away and be lost without her

I am forever in her debt

She blankets me with soft gentle kisses

Allowing her mystical wizardry whenever I need her

She gives me life anew

Constantly prolonging my existence on earth

We take for granted when her soft lips quiet reality

Whispering hope and encouragement into the unconscious mind

Laying wrapped in her arms

She reassures me that I can survive another day in this harsh world

She never lies as she provides for me

Seeking to escape the worst realities of life

She proves to be one of my only true loves


sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
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Wow... !

Thank you so are so sweet!