The Beach

Standing there - observing - absorbing all

My senses are easily overwhelmed

I close my eyes to concentrate on the sensations

Waves crash against the shore in rhythmic onslaughts

In the distance seabirds cry

The breeze covers me in the oceans salty scent

- along with a light coat of sand

The vanishing remnants of a wave swirls around my ankles

- sea foam fizzles on my toes

A giggle escapes my mouth as I lie down in the shallow water

Rolling about aimlessly - wet sand clings to my hair and body

Allowing the waters cool moisture to dampen the suns unbearable heat

Sinking my toes and fingers into the liquid sand

- only to let it claim them for a short time

I am amused by a small tropical fish swimming by my side

I sigh and thoughtfully lick the salty moisture from my lips

Trying to imagine the depths of this blue-green world around me

How easy it would be to get lost in this world surrounding me

I feel bold and venture deeper into the sea

Realizing the more engulfed I become - I begin to feel it’s soul

The current pulls and tugs at my body

I blink my eyes to clear the tiny droplets of water off my lashes

They roll down my cheeks so similar to tears - Why is that?

A curious crab pinches my toe - appeased, it scurries away

I begin to giggle as I frolic in the friendly waves rolling about

I stand, defiant and run towards the shore

Even though the water possessively tries to pull me back into its massive depths

I reach the beach and collapse to the soft white exquisite sand

Welcoming the blazing sun which kisses my skin to a light golden brown

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

I really wish I was at the beach right now!!! I need a vacation...