The One'e Forsaken

       my love it has been mistaken
       and thats why we're now the one's forsaken
       your blood inside that i've taken
       is why your now forever watin'
       you can feel your veins there changin'
       your thirst for blood is now chasin'
       you walk the streets and lungs still breathin'
       but yes your death i have partially faken
       we can be seen but our lives not spoken
       this is the life for you i have chosen
       the heard will chase us the cross they stakin'
       they believe life better off if we're not makin'
       there the one's mortal they have that burden
       we're more powerful,they believe there our warden
       the time has come yes let this be knowen
       i have come for blood on earth you shall be livin'
       forever and a day with me and the one's forsaken

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
Feb 18, 2010