Long Gone


Long gone


A troubled youth I was, I knew it all

We would climb so high we wouldn't fall

Youth ruled the world after all I was nineteen

I knew about life, love and every in between


A girl caught my eye,tried to calm me down

She showed me things, tried to turn me around

It was time to be a man but all I cared for was me

I lived for the moment, I just wanted to be free


Then the time came to man up and it was too late

Her love died and vanished, my life's worst state

Not wanting hurt to continue, I wanted an easy out

Then He stepped in an taught me what life was about


Listen with your heart and consider others needs first

Take care of the one's you love, then quench your thirst

Be who you are on the inside and don't try to fit in

The love you seek will then start to grow from within


Never let go for tomorrow, for what you feel for today

You might never get to speak the words you wish to say

It's easy to think what you feel inside your own soul

The hard part is forming words to decipher is the goal


As a youngster, I didn't know what I had till it was all gone

Woke up dazed and confused, what was dusk and what dawn

Don't let the little things get lost, slip through the crack

Once gone... your love, your life, you can never get back

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6 Responses Feb 18, 2010

words from heart..good..

What a compliment MM!!

See, he's humble about being humble, now that's humble :D

This was amazing!!!! *hugs tightly*

Watch this EP<br />
<br />
Tarq, you are easily the most humble person on here.

The little things, like you said.