Are We Real

       is this wrong or is this right
       all my expressions i keep inside
       i love you there is said it, i say it again
       do you love me or are we just friends
       is your heart true or are you just pretending
       if so,how can you be so god dam condescending
       i deserve love i deserve to be happy and yes some peace
       you deserve all this and more let us add what you seek
       but i need to know the answer to this question
       will we grow or are you yet another lesson
       i can no-longer hide what it is i feel
       i love you my soulmate to me you and me are real
       i know that my past is a really big deal
       i can only prey that your soul see's my heal's
       i'm angry and bitter your sweat and softer
       i commend you love oh god the things you can offer
       i don't just mean physical,your this and so much more
       you are the wind beneath my feet,the sand on my shore
       if i have you and you have me i don't need no applause
       i have you,you have me,our souls and because
       your my angel,my pseudonym and my simple rose
       i love you so much if you ask,yes i will even pose

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

really TL thankyou i'm not sure what your really mean i know i am writting different but i myself am not sure why or how it's different maybe you can explain lol

I am liking this new style of yours. you are more open and clear. I do miss your older style but this is a good extension of it.