An Angel Named Amy

Angels wings are everywhere.

Where I turn

They are there

Some are stained and bloody and bare

But not from want of love and care

Others are white as purest snow

With glowing tales of pain and woe

This angel you see with me.

Is one with both

And a heart of gold

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
10 Responses Feb 19, 2010

My Angel has taken a lot of pain and suffering for me, and I am sure her wings are bloody and stained, but she has never left me, and continues to stand by my side, in spite of my mortal doubts and despair, my fears and failures, she remains ever true to her purpose, to get me through this physical life to something better and more perfect, and I welcome her into my daily battles
Of this world.

thank you Salar... It's good to see you about .. Not often you visit me.

Nice post TRL .....

yes you are... ask AP.... and Mewold... they know.

im not an angel..but i know im speechless heh..

thank you... too bad about the pictures.... I think they suit her....

I can't see the pictures unfortunately, bu it's a nice poem! Thank you for sharing! you are very Talented!

Ahh good they both reminded me of you.

i really love it and the pictures..

im speechless..<br />
hugs redlady,*