jarka's letter from makuru


can't forget my children

can't forget my world

can´t exchange my life 

with some of these kids

i will go

they will stay


can't forget the sky

can't forget the african night time

if you look at it too long, 

you feel like you might fall into it

keep falling for the rest of the days

it is so big and so deep 


i could stand, on dirty feet

i could stand all night long, looking up

can't forget how big - how deep

never-ending and yet, not overwhelming 

since I know its´ creator 

who is my Father


and so I pray, before I fall asleep, 

not forgetting about my kids, 

not forgetting about the world, 

smiling over all the happiness in my life, 

crying because I can´t exchange my life 

with some of these kids. 


every child deserves all I have 

so why am I so lucky?

i thank my Lord, i'm trying

every second trying

but i´m too human, too unworthy

still he stays by my side, fixing what I break.


i'm changed, 

i'm better,

i'm held in His hands

my children are held in His hands

the stars are held in His hands

it's all so worth the price i paid


standing barefoot 

staring at the african sky

i could stand outside looking up all night 

but I need to go to sleep 

because tomorrow at 6 a.m.

i  have to give kids their medicine






daniel13 daniel13
46-50, M
Feb 19, 2010