Broken And Hopeful

I lay on the ground drenched in my sweat

The rain starts to fall, it's the best I've felt yet

With each single drop that washes my soul

I lay and ask god if i'll ever be whole

My fabric of being is ripped into shreds

I'm broken and weary yet still I'm not dead

I feel my heart pound, it throbs in my chest

Gasping for air, overcome with regret

Why is it god, that you always stay near

In my most desperate of moments you calm all my fear

I push and I shove, sometimes I try to escape

But your love always draws me like a moth to the flame

You give me strength when I'm too weak to stand

It's on your grace that somehow I land

Oh lord as I lay with my back to the cement

You pull me close, its my heart you have lead

I'm so very grateful for your unconditional love

And for each cloudy day you have shown me the sun






CrystalLynn CrystalLynn
Feb 20, 2010