Where are you?

why must I feel so all alone?

Why do I see nothing in the darkness

Of this never-ending night?

Where the shadows of you linger there

Shadows new start growing elsewhere

People's hearts are sneaking in

Taking part in my ceaseless grin.

A smile there that fades in time

When darkness falls and you are there

I see you, but my longing is not for you

You have passed away from me.

Though I miss that candid smile

Full of love and light it shines

But for another's life I seek

And his eyes are bright as yours

His smile is just as sweet.

Where are you? Where are you.....

I am here all alone

Feeling lonely... but not alone.

Where....is  ...........

Where is my ........heart?

Where does it lie

Or does it lie?

I don't know.......so full of doubt..... so full of life...


Where am I ......?

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Thanks! that means a lot. I've always had trouble with meter in regards to writing, so I just play it as it comes out.

Thank you! It means so much that you all liked it . Thank you =)

Deep and beautiful...I think I have tears in my eyes....*....hugs*...XxoO!

Thank you. I am glad you see