Thoughts Of A Vacationing Cynic

Written during a brief holiday in Eureka, California, approximately 10 years ago.  Thought I would ressurrect it now in view of the recent seismic activity in the area.  (Apologies for the weird spacing which I've been unable to adjust.)


An orderly flow of tired, dirty water

habitually twirls 'round the fountain in town square

unsuspecting its destined death by obsolescence

innocently suggests perpetual motion exists

but it's just smoke and mirrors for the tourists


The flow is reflected through freshly washed windows

in a trendy cafe built of crumbling red bricks

each day it erodes slowly into tiny sand specks

a slight shift in the earth might upset the whole works

but not a whisper of fear from the tourists


For the moment we believe

we exist outside time

and our bodies are diamond and iron

but the flower that wilts by my dish of dried crumbs

says that one day the tourists must all return home

JanIAm1031 JanIAm1031
56-60, F
Feb 21, 2010