The Feeling Is Mutual

The Feeling is Mutual

                                            by Vivacious V  (me)

Yours and Mine,Are out Of Time  

The Embers have faded, The Speaking Swan resigned.

Books upon your shelf, None of them read;

All of the forgotten, Originality dead.

Beauty is ephemeral,  Eternally grotesque;

All we have left, Social Unrest.

Scream if you'd like, Sing, Write A Song;

The winter is coming, Lasting way far too long.

Grab what you can, I'm  sure you will notice;

Your arms full of weight, And now you've made yourself late.

No point to this poem, much like our existance;

So i ask why are you running, hands and mouths full of persistance.

Be that as it may, there is still time in the day;

So gather your courage and truly say what you have to say.

twilightbutterfly twilightbutterfly
36-40, F
Feb 22, 2010