Whispers In The Wind

Another bond broken

Now just whispers in the wind

Has the love finally left

Or is it something I can mend

My words are the prisoners

And I am the cage

This pen is the key

May they flow to the page

For I can never speak

Of the feelings in my heart

You up and left and ripped me apart!!

In my back is a dagger

Yet to my face you lie!!

So please go along....

So I may lay here to die

UnseenMisery UnseenMisery
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Cages have to open sometime... otherwise it's not a cage, but a grave.

Seems that way in many things. It's a love that i cannot speak of. it hurts. yet remains inside this cage of mine

I can relate to this. My words in pen are the words i can't speak