Death and dreams are quite distant things

But both are as real as the shadow we cast

One’s for sorrow n another pulls heart’s strings

One ends life n other opens the horizons vast.

But both are most often distant beings

N neither are as good or scary as they seem.

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26-30, M
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Thank you Sunshine it's just something i made up..i still can't believe i posted it.. but someone convinced me to I'm glad you liked it Sunshine..Thank you for the comment :)

*smiles* thank you sweetie..I'm glad you did,sweetie... :) I'm gonna try.You know my works..tell me which one you like next..*admires himself in the mirror* (God thanks for pumping up my ego sweetie! just what the world needs...another self centered narcissist lolz!)

Fantastic darling absollutely should be posting more of your work truly ... in so few words you conveyed the feeling ..quite well .. I love it sweetie =-D