Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

Twirling & dancing she floats on the breeze

(Alone with the echoes she longs for dark seas)

Glittering dreams sprinkled on those she dares to touch

(Mourning for lost love, lost friends she misses so much)

An enchanting voice, her song began so long ago

(Silenced by reminders - "hope" is a word she no longer knows)

A reflection that wavers

Now you see it

(Now you don't)

What one thinks is right (the other sure won't)

She traces her fingers lightly over dim shadows under eyes

(She ponders the sun shining yellow in clear blue skies)

She watches a tear fall but feels it on her own cheek

(She screams out in fear and learns how to speak)

She pounds at the glass laid out before her so bare

(She sees the edge buckle and the illusion begin to tear)

Let's hope the mirror holds strong and does not crack

It will spill forth the rainbow, the white, (the black)

It would all be destroyed as the two worlds unite

The brightness creates shadows

(The dark ends with light)

Xarina Xarina
36-40, F
Feb 23, 2010