One's Soul Claim To Fame


It has been said by author unknown:

Hide not your talents;

for use they were made.

What's a sundial in the shade.


Each thirst to make their mark on time,

Not soon to be erased from mind

But for some it's just a dream,

They have no plan, they have no scheme.

Yet we feel Immortalities Cry,

Be someone or whither and die--

Is it just a human stigma,

Or is there hope for this enigma?

Within us all, there is a Gift,

Unique to self, that we may lift

To make a name, or to shine a light,

For those who follow, may it shine bright!

We must persue the gift bestowed,

Develop it, while here below.

None else can be a better You,

That is your gift--to it be true.

Unused Talent, such futility,

The power's there--if we will let it be!

Harness it, and personalize--

Then your worth will be known and recognized!  


WerkNProcess WerkNProcess
56-60, M
Feb 23, 2010