Do Humans Know True Love?

To love humanity

Yet my faith is lost

My love

Born in insanity

How can humans love

When all we care

Is for ourselves?

To look past the mind

To see through the ego

Of that which we rely on

That is pure love.


JuStaNothErGhoSt JuStaNothErGhoSt
6 Responses Feb 24, 2010

no problem =D

Lovely words, thanks for sharing it!

=D yeah i know hate is not in my agenda.

True. I hate no one. I've hurt as you say but to feel true hate for anyone is impossible for me.

lol the paradoxical equivilant of love is hate but I do for one believe the Universe is based on a paradox. For instance we may want something so bad and never have it but maybe the instant we stop wanting it it becomes ours. Or maybe it was ours all along and we just never realized it.

maybe most misunderstand the true meaning of love.