I don't know how to feel

Happy? Sad? It's all so surreal

You loved me once, for that I'm sure

Your charm, your grace, your allure

Everything about you seemed so right

Back then we were so 'tight'

You would wrap me in your arms, I'd feel electricity when we would kiss

What did I miss?

The sun came up, a beautiful dawn

I turned to you but you were gone

No goodbye, no explanation?

I loved you, for that I was certain

Where are you? Are you Okay?

Did I do something wrong, did I drive you away?

My heart is broken, my soul, no more

You were the only one that I could ever adore

I miss you

I love you

You were my best friend

I bid you goodbye, for me this is the end.




DitaVonDiva DitaVonDiva
22-25, F
Feb 24, 2010