Crutch (resilence)

When I awoke this morning the world was a blur.

My sight was fuzzy, and my head hurt.

As I reached out for my cure it finally struck.

With this item of plastic and metal I am forever stuck.

I picked up my cure and held it so close.

This was the one thing I hated the most.

To be reliant on an object so cruel,

It drove me to madness, I have become a fool.

I made the decision, right then and there,

What was to be the outcome: I truly did not care.

I hurled my cure with all the strength I could muster,

And when it shattered I stared at its luster.

After the last remaining shards fell,

I realized I hurled myself into a hell.

The hell I created was that of blindness,

For now I have no more self reliance.

I cannot see but merely think

I truly put myself to the brink.

AKtwitch AKtwitch
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

wow its amazing

thank you