I Luv Writing Poetry

my best ideas for poems come to me when i dont have a pen and paper with me then when i do. i forget. dam. i like the feeling i get from writing like once its finished i feel proud of my self, almost wise in a way. hehe. im very hesitant to show others my work. i can write mean poetry sometimes. i dont want no one to think of me as a psycho. the only thing is my spelling. horrible. lol. but who cares is the message that is important. i hope to someday publish my poems. thank god for self publishing. i hate being at the mercy of others. i just want to hold my book in my hands and say this is a collection of my poems. i did this! i wrote this! im alive! i swear half the time i feel like this is all just a dream. the same reality that i feel when dreaming is the same one i feel when awake. maybe its my medicine. i have epilepsy and take depakote. im always tired and depressed. who knows, its probably because im only working parttime and barely ever leave my house. yeah thats probably why im so out of it. ive lost touch with the real world. anyways writing poetry is one of my many loves.:)

veronica4ever veronica4ever
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I am a nationally acclaimed poet. I do not usually pay much attention to people who say they LIKE to write poetry. That is the essence of me, not a 'like' a Need!<br />
Your story struck me, however! Add me if you wish. :-)

Sometimes being out of the real world and in your own world is alot more productive when you like to be a creative person. Good luck with the book of poetry !