A Young Man's Poem

I wrote this poem for my wife many years ago when we were on the outs. She was my girlfriend back then, and we had split up. She moved to L.A. while I stayed in San Diego. We couldn't stay apart for long, and got married a little over a year later. She passed away after 29 years of marriage, and I found this while I was going through some old papers.


This fire inside

no longer rages,

but smolders

like the ashes from a hundred thousand campfires

from every battle front

that ever was;

coal and ash

resigned to faintly glow

in the morning breeze,

to throw a spark in protest

beneath the heel of a boot.

In your cruel hands

lay the power

to create a roaring holocaust

such as Dresden and Hiroshima have never known.


I want to write her another poem, and I hope the muse will come.

mergelayers mergelayers
51-55, M
Feb 26, 2010