5 Minutes

I belong to a very active writer's group that meets monthly.  Earlier this week, one of the exercises was to put our hands into a bag, feel the textures of the contents, and write , within a five minute time frame, one's interpretation of that experience.  What I felt was a pebble and a domestic 'loufre'.


This is what I wrote:


The spring tide has waned.

Time wind and sun conspires to turn life into detritus.

Kelp, first foul smelling

Then a tangle of pathetic twigs


Starfish shrivelled

Dry as a thaurus bone


At the high tide mark the

Rim of the universe.

A necropolitan line of death.


A mere sponge the only

Survivor into

Its next life.



Now I have structured these random words into some sort of poetic form.  But remember this was just a five minute exercise.


It appears to me that these lines have possibilties of developing into a poem with possibilities.  The challenge is, is there anyone out there who can take this skeleton and flesh it out change it into their own image!?


Add to it!


Change it!


Take the image and manipulate!


Best wishes all


John Tufail



sbeckett sbeckett
61-65, M
Feb 26, 2010